Monday, February 9, 2009

Inform. Collaborate. Advocate.

Our Outreach Center is located at 3309 S. Broadway in Fort Myers, Florida. We are now open 5 mornings a week providing food for those in need from our food pantry and other emergency services. We can also offer a limited amount of emergency transitional housing and continue to operate our faith-based addiction recovery program at the House of Hope. Our outreach programs are supported by the Broadway Community Church.

This blog has evolved due to the incredible need for assistance we are experiencing everyday in our community. In an effort to inform, collaborate, and advocate, we will post weekly on this blog about issues we think are important. We want to keep both our local community and the broader community of concerned individuals informed about the current need we are seeing in Fort Myers, Florida for basic needs assistance and post information about our program's special events and activities and other events that may be helpful. Our purpose is also to better collaborate with friends, businesses, and other non-profit organizations to most effectively address the issues facing disadvantaged individuals and familes. Working together is the answer. Lastly, we want to advocate for the people we see everyday who are struggling with the many issues so many of us are facing during these tough economic times. We will give hope and support and offer assistance through direct action and referral at our Outreach Center. We will also share personal stories addressing hunger, homelessness, & poverty issues.

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