Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Business of Giving-Deliciously.

We at Southwest Florida Outreach Ministry would like to start this week's post off with a HUGE thank you to all those who contributed to the FirstGiving Marathon Fundraiser. The event was held last weekend and we raised $504 for our food pantry. We are in great need of donations and this money will allow us to purchase difficult to find food items to fill our shelves and freezer. Our pantry accepts donations from individuals and we also work hand in hand with the Harry Chapin Food Bank in Fort Myers by receiving food donations and also purchasing food at a discounted rate from them. We then act as a distributor of this food to our community individuals and families in need.

Not only do we partner with non-profit organizations like Harry Chapin, but we also look for opportunities to connect with local businesses who are interested in community good works. For instance, Panera Bread, located on Cleveland Avenue in Fort Myers operates a program called Operation Dough-Nation. This program donates their leftover bakery products at the end of the day to selected non-profit organizations for delivery to those in need including the ill, the needy, and infants. Panera Bread states they believe the "Universal Spirit of Bread is Sharing" and as a result they are committed to the communities they share. We appreciate this commitment and are happy to collaborate with them on this project.

We always welcome food donations and please spread the word about our food pantry. We are open Monday through Saturday 9-noon--And, if you want to dine at a yummy restaurant that supports our community, check out Panera Bread at: located at 5037 S Cleveland Ave.

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  1. Congrats on the Marathon!!! That was a huge amount. I truly love that you exceeded your goal!!! Also LOVE Panera Bread. Not just for their food but for what they do for the community!