Thursday, April 2, 2009

Three Cheers for Volunteers!

We could not keep up with the recent skyrocketing of people in need and the numerous requests for assistance if it were not for the giving nature of our volunteers.  As a small non-profit organization we depend greatly on the help of those willing to donate their time to help us help others. We are indebted to the ten to twelve volunteers who show up on a regular basis each week at the food pantry and outreach center. It is not a glamorous job lifting boxes of food, filling bags of groceries, sorting through donated clothing, assisting with benefits paperwork, answering phone calls and other tasks as needed. 

It is not glamorous but it provides immeasurable service to people in need of a helping hand. It is not glamorous but it can make the difference to a person on a certain day, in a certain moment of need that changes a life for the better.  Thank you, THANK YOU, to all our volunteers for everything you do. We plan on bringing volunteer spotlights to our blog in the future to honor and show appreciation for our volunteers. Stay tuned to put faces on the Southwest Florida Outreach Ministry Food Pantry and Outreach Center of Fort Myers, Florida. Remember, we are now open SIX days a week from Monday-Saturday 9:00am - 12 noon. Welcome!

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